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The Harbour Lights in Falmouth are the custodians of the inaugural International Mushy Pea Day after deciding the mushy pea wasn’t getting enough action.  They are leading the charge with bringing on-board International friends from far and wide.  Never ones to take themselves too seriously there is a fun day of pea celebration.  Including a pea song, pea games, pea costumes, pea recipes to delight our pea fans and hopefully to convert a few more.

Join in by sending us your logo and plans for the day however small or grand and we’ll add you in!


‘We have taken the decision to give away delicious free mushy peas to our guests on IMPD and then donate 100% of the pea takings from the restaurant and takeaway to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’  – Pete Fraser

Harbour Lights

Falmouth – UK

Friars Pride love any excuse to get behind our fish and chip partners.  IMPD can’t help but raise the profile of both the mushy pea and bring fish and chips front of mind.  I really hope everyone gets to have some fun with it too

​Friars Pride

Peterborough – UK

“Mushy Peas provide the finishing touch to the highly nutritious dish of Fish ‘n Chips by adding flavour, essential nutrients and visual appeal—– and of course, they are free of gluten!”

​V A Whitely

Heywood – UK

“Mushy Peas are the traditional accompaniment to Britain’s iconic dish of fish and chips.  Not only can they be counted as one of your five a day, but they are high in fibre, protein and essential vitamins.” – NFFF

“Dunns are thoroughly exited to support International Mushy Pea Day, a feel good story coupled with an excellent healthy food is certainly the way forward. BEPA are keen supporters of International Mushy Pea Day, this food is Sustainable, Affordable, Healthy and Nutritious. What more could you want?” – Franek Smith

“The humble but sublime marrowfat pea deserves more recognition and appreciation.” – Hodmedod

We love Mushy Pea day, those little green fellas make the nation’s favourite dish even better.

Austen Dack – Publishing Editor



Penzance – UK


​Hong Kong

 A Salt And Battery 

​New York – USA

Chez Fred Fish and Chips

Bournemouth – UK

​Skippers of Euxton

​Euxton – UK

The Fisherman’s Kitchen 

​Southsea – UK

Carters Packaging Limited

Redruth – UK

To all mushy peaple green and small, to all happea people round and tall, we know what makes you lick your lips, and that’s mushy peas with fish & chips! Happea IMPD from the Carters Packaging Team!

​Fochabers Fish Bar

​Fochabers, Scotland – UK

The Round ´O` Chip Shop 

Arbroath, Scotland – UK

The British Chippy

​Canada – Calgary

​​Chumley Warners

​​Australia – Birkdale

​​Smiths Fish & Chips


Uncle Albert’s


The Fish & Chip Shop

​​Auckland – New Zealand

Malvina House Hotel

​​​Stanley – Falkland Islands

Fylde Fish Bar


Pisces Fish & Chips


50% of taking being donated to the local library

Belgrave Fish Bar


Alma Park Fish Bar

Grantham, Lincolnshire

Howe & Co Fish and Chips

​​​Little Horwood

Llywelyns Pub

St Louis, USA

Chris thank you for your yummy mushy peas @ Wester Grove USA! You are our Midwest IMPD representatives!

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