17 Oct Sing….

Ed Rubensson thinks the mushy pea is so fabulous he has written a pea inspired song.

Mushy Pea Song by Ed Rubensson

Verse 1:

Give me one thing
You know what to bring
I can taste it, sweet desire
I can feel it getting higher and higher
Just give my soul some ease
Feed me some mushy peas
Give me that one good thing, I don’t want anything else

Show me the peas oh please
Give me the peas oh Please
Feed me some Mushy Peas
Feed me oh please

Verse 2:

Hey sister don’t you tease
Smother me in Mushy Peas
In Mushy Peas, Mushy Peas
Don’t make me beg you please
Just serve me mushy peas
Now I’m down on my knees
I’m begging you please, feed me some peas
I’m begging you please feed me

Chorus x2

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